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“You can design and create, and build the most wonderful place in the world. But it takes people to make the dream a reality.”

Walt Disney

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Health and Wellbeing Practitioners

Beauty Practitioners

Foods and Drinks Professionals

Female Entrepreneur

Travel Entrepreneurs


Not on the list? I love to expand my knowledgebase of other industries, too. Send me a message and we’ll find out together if we are a fit.

Hi, lovely to meet you, I’m Kim.


I’m a creative and strategic web designer and the face behind Lowena Web Design.

I love creating websites. You probably wonder… why? Well, good question! I always enjoyed being creative, but after school, I’ve chosen a more technical career (I’m a qualified brewmaster believe it or not). Even though you can have some creative input with new recipes the day-to-day work can get quite boring.

So, I started looking for something I would enjoy every day, 365 days a year and I found it: Websites.

For me, they perfectly marry my technical understanding and logical thinking with a lot of creativity. After taking courses to learn my new profession, I decided to launch my own business and here we are:

Lowena Web Design

Have you heard about my two-week process?


I like to focus on only one major client at a time and block out two weeks for each project!

This gives you my undivided attention and we both know the exact time frame of your project. We even decide on a launch date for your new website beforehand.

I’ll guide you through the 2-week process and will provide you with a detailed itinerary so you’ll always know when I’m working on your project or when I need feedback from you.